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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How To Control The Crowd

It is the month of May and we are now getting ourselves busy in church in preparation for our International Missions Convention in July 2010. This year, we are targetting about 500 to 800 attendees who will participate in the conference.

One of the main preparations we are doing is how we can set-up an effective crowd control system during the participants' registration which will take place in the morning of the conference. Although there are some who are registering early via the internet, most of the participants are registering on the first day of the convention.

The initial idea is to set-up barricades that will help to control the flow of traffic. Of course, it has already been proven during our previous conferences that barricades greatly help in the traffic flow, so we would still be using the same on July.

Aside from that, a group member suggests that we use stanchions. Wikipedia defines stanchions as portable posts that help to manage lines or queues. We oftentimes see these on banks, payment centers, government agencies and food chains, and are actually very much effective in managing customer lines. Some examples are the retractable belt stanchions and the velvet ropes.

We can actually make a customized barricade or stanchions, however, we can also opt to purchase durable ones at stores and even purchase via the internet. After all, we will still be using these when we conduct other conference or conventions.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


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