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Monday, June 30, 2008

Manny Pacquiao the Unstoppable

Pinoy Pride

Our very own Pinoy pride Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao made another history as he becomes the first Asian to hold four world titles in four weight classes on Sunday, June 29, 2008, after stopping David Diaz on the 9th round of their WBC Lightweight Title Match at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Not only that- he proved to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world-an honor well deserved by the Pacman.

"I didn't see it coming"

Manny Pacquiao is simply amazing as he outclassed David Diaz starting from Round 2 until Diaz is hurled down the canvass via Pacquiao's enormous hand speed on Round 9. As Diaz puts it, "I didn't see it coming".

One for the Flag

(Almost) zero crime rate during the fight.

An increased income for the Mall Owners who offered the fight via satellite.

High ratings for the media outfit/s who had telecast rights.

A happy Chavit in the pictures.

A hefty $3 Million Dollars for in the bag for Pacman.

Another $xxx more for him on Pay-per-view.

Above all, the Philippine Flag rose again in triumph at the sight of the Nation's pride Manny Pacquiao winning the crown.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chicken and Coffee

Going Crazy (Loco) over Chicken?

For those who are out to find what Mexican chicken tastes like,
El Pollo Loco is a must-try. The restaurant specializes with roasted chicken but the dine experience wouldn't be complete without having to taste the Pita (a round, flat, Middle Eastern bread that is often filled with meat, peppers, etc, to make a sandwich).

Instead of the usual gravy, they have this "tomato paste dip" that goes well with the Roasted Chicken.

Too bad I didn't have the time to take pictures at the other offers, well, anyway, I suppose with the two pictures above, one would not have the difficulty of imagining the meal-so-heavy.

BO's Coffee

Once in a while, we just have to get out of that "starbucks mentality" and try other options. Now, i find this a "better option". Why?

Well, it's for you to find out.....

Kaleidoscope World-Talk about Racial Discrimination

Came accross this poem sometime in 2007 via sms message from a friend

When I born, I black.
When I grow up, I black.
When I go in sun, I black.
When I cold, I black.
When I scared, I black.
When I sick, I black.
And when I die, I still black.
You white folks...
When you born, you pink.
When you grow up, you white.
When you go in sun, you red.
When you cold, you blue.
When you scared, you yellow.
When you sick, you green.
When you bruised, you purple.
And when you die, you gray.
And now you calling me COLORED?

An Other Side of Racial Discrimination

Well, I don't know. But sometimes we, Filipinos, are the ones who give very special preferential treatments to foreigners.
Be it in the stores, restaurants, etc., pinoy sellers/vendors tend to prefer talking and doing business to foreigners other than their "kapwa-pinoys".
Ewan lang kung bakit.
Baka dahil sa tip?
O baka naman kasi ang mga pinoy eh, barat?

Sabi naman ni Francis M sa kantang Kaleidoscope World:

So many faces, so many races
Different voices, different choices
Some are mad, while others laugh
Some live alone with no better half
Others grieve while others curse
And others mourn behind a big black hearse
Some are pure and some half-bred
Some are sober and some are wasted
Some are rich because of fate and
Some are poor with no food on their plate
Some stand out while others blend
Some are fat and stout while some are thin
Some are friends and some are foes
Some have some while some have most

Every color and every hue
Is represented by me and you
Take a slide in the slope
Take a look in the kaleidoscope
Spinnin' round, make it twirl
In this kaleidoscope world

Some are great and some are few
Others lie while some tell the truth
Some say poems and some do sing
Others sing through their guitar strings
Some know it all while some act dumb
Let the bassline strum to the bang of the drum
Some can swim while some will sink
And some will find their minds and think
Others walk while others run
You can't talk peace and have a gun
Some are hurt and start to cry
Don't ask me how don't ask me why
Some are friends and some are foes
Some have some while some have most

Every color and every hue
Is represented by me and you
Take a slide in the slope
Take a look in the kaleidoscope
Spinnin' round, make it twirl
In this kaleidoscope world

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tagubilin at Habilin ni Jose "Pete" Lacaba

Sa dami ng tulang nabasa, sa dami ng talatang napakinggan, hindi maiiwasang manghusga kapag makabasa ka at makakita nang bagong komposisyon.

Malimit, kinatatamaran nang mga katulad kong mapagmasid sa lalim ng pananalita ang magbasa ng mga komposisyong sobrang haba.

Hindi ko lubusang kilala si Pete Lacaba. Naririnig ko lang ang ganyang pangalan kapag napag uusapan ang EDSA at ang historyang bumabalat sa panahon ng Martial Law.

Hindi ko sya lubusang kilala. Subalit aaminin kong ang tulang ito ay nagbigay nang mga panibagong rebelasyon nang aking pagiging Pilipino.

Mabuhay ka, Ka Pete, at Mabuhay ang Pinoy!

Ni Jose F. Lacaba

Mabuhay ka, kaibigan!
Mabuhay ka!
Iyan ang una't huli kongTagubilin at habilin:
Mabuhay ka!

Sa edad kong ito, marami akong maibibigay na payo.
Mayaman ako sa payo.

Maghugas ka ng kamay bago kumain.
Maghugas ka ng kamay pagkatapos kumain.
Pero huwag kang maghuhugas ng kamay para lang makaiwas sa sisi.
Huwag kang maghuhugas ng kamay kung may inaapi
Na kaya mong tulungan.

Paupuin sa bus ang matatanda at ang mga may kalong na sanggol.
Magpasalamat sa nagmamagandang-loob.
Matuto sa karanasan ng matatanda
Pero huwag magpatali sa kaisipang makaluma.

Huwag piliting matulog kung ayaw kang dalawin ng antok.
Huwag pag-aksayahan ng panahon ang walang utang na loob.
Huwag makipagtalo sa bobo at baka ka mapagkamalang bobo.
Huwag bubulong-bulong sa mga panahong kailangang sumigaw.

Huwag kang manalig sa bulung-bulungan.
Huwag kang papatay-patay sa ilalim ng pabitin.
Huwag kang tutulog-tulog sa pansitan.

Umawit ka kung nag-iisa sa banyo.
Umawit ka sa piling ng barkada.
Umawit ka kung nalulungkot.
Umawit ka kung masaya.

Ingat lang.

Huwag kang aawit ng “My Way” sa videoke bar at baka ka mabaril.
Huwag kang magsindi ng sigarilyo sa gasolinahan.
Dahan-dahan sa matatarik na landas.
Dahan-dahan sa malulubak na daan.

Higit sa lahat, inuulit ko:

Mabuhay ka, kaibigan!
Mabuhay ka!
Iyan ang una't huli kongTagubilin at habilin:
Mabuhay ka!

Maraming bagay sa mundo na nakakadismaya.
Mabuhay ka.
Maraming problema ang mundo na wala na yatang lunas.
Mabuhay ka.

Sa hirap ng panahon, sa harap ng kabiguan,
Kung minsan ay gusto mo nang mamatay.
Gusto mong maglaslas ng pulso kung sawi sa pag-ibig.
Gusto mong uminom ng lason kung wala nang makain.
Gusto mong magbigti kung napakabigat ng mga pasanin.
Gusto mong pasabugin ang bungo mo kung maraming gumugulo sa utak.

Huwag kang patatalo.

Huwag kang susuko.
Narinig mo ang sinasabi ng awitin:“Gising at magbangon sa pagkagupiling,
Sa pagkakatulog na lubhang mahimbing.”
Gumising ka kung hinaharana ka ng pag-ibig.
Bumangon ka kung nananawagan ang kapuspalad.

Ang sabi ng iba: “Ang matapang ay walang-takot lumaban.”
Ang sabi ko naman: Ang tunay na matapang ay lumalaban
Kahit natatakot.

Lumaban ka kung inginungodngod ang nguso mo sa putik.
Bumalikwas ka kung tinatapak-tapakan ka.
Buong-tapang mong ipaglaban ang iyong mga prinsipyo
Kahit hindi ka sigurado na agad-agad kang mananalo.

Mabuhay ka, kaibigan!
Mabuhay ka!
Iyan ang una't huli kongTagubilin at habilin:
Mabuhay ka!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pinoy: Be Proud! Bee Happy!

"The bee is a symbol of diligence and teamwork," Tony Tan Caktiong, president and CEO of Jollibee Foods Corporation explains. "The bee buzzes around the beehive, working in perfect harmony with others in the colony."

He added "jolly" because he believes that people should enjoy what they are doing while they are working hard at it. Thus, Jollibee was born and Jollibee Foods Corporation was incorporated in 1978 with seven outlets

[The complete story: http://www.philippinebusiness.com.ph/archives/magazine/vol11-2004/11-9/cover.htm]

From Ice cream to Burger to Chicken and now... to the rest of the world. The "bee" story indeed should make all Filipinos proud of themselves.

Much have been said about how International player Mcdo went far second placer here in the Philippine Market. Now as analysts have started to view that Jollibee could not grow more in terms of putting up new stores, Jollibee Foods Corporation has started buying other companies, thereby, continuously gaining stronger hold of the Domestic Food Market. Chowking, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, Delifrance are some of those already operated by Jollibee.

Now, with other companies acquired in other countries, Jollibee recently acquired 70 percent of Taiwanese restaurant chain Lao Dong for 61.1 million pesos.

Indeed, the Bee has reasons to bee happy!

Reese Scandal

Before it gets out of hand, this is not about any scandal involving Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde Movie)

Reese's Hershey Pieces Peanut Butter, that is.

Unsuspecting me hurriedly picked up that Reese's Peanut Butter Candies ON SALE in one Supermarket located at a mall in Mandaluyong area.

It's been about months ago when I last bought one so I thought I should pamper myself this time. PLUS!

Plus the fact that it is indeed, ON SALE. They put it in a bunch of two, buy one take one. PLUS!

Plus there is an additional discount of 3php upon payment at the counter.

Now here's the catch.

They have to put it in bunch of two so that the expiry date which is at the back part of the plastic container is hidden.

This I bought on June 26, 2008 at 7:49 pm. Just so that I might be protected with evidence, transaction is 128113 and or number is: 128113 (Now I can throw off my receipt).

Indeed, what I thought as a GOOD BUY turned out to be a GOOD BYE for my money and a GOOD BYE for my candies.

A Support to Pinoy Authors

Pilipinas Kong Mahal

The loud voices reverberate inside the four corners of that small Aldaba Hall in UP Diliman as the people, most of them Iskolar ng Bayan, sang the Lupang Hinirang . I must admit that I have already forgotten the play I watched that time but I will never forget what I felt as all are singing the National Anthem.

Yes, it was only a song. But it was in those times when I can say Iam a proud Filipino. It was in those rare times when I can say, as I hear the students loudly sing the National Anthem, there is hope for the Philippines, there is hope for the Filipino.

"And the rain blended with our tears- tears of joy, of gratitude and of pride in supreme accomplishment. Above us flew for the first time and over this embattled land, alone, happy and unperturbed amidst the sweeping gales and whipping rain- The Flag of the Philippines.God! May it stay there ever, ever, ever."
- C.P. Romulo in "The Filipino Flag Rises... Alone"

[This is a repost from a previous entry made in bobongpinoy]

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