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Friday, July 9, 2010

For The Rainy Days

Have you ever noticed those seemingly excess materials that protrude outside vehicle mirrors? Well, many people might find them a bit excess design to our cars but actually, these materials do have great functions!

I found it out during our most recent trip to the countryside last May 2010 to visit our old folks. Apparently, the Sports Utility Vehicle, or SUV, that we are riding on does have these Rain Guards installed on the windows.

According to our driver, these Rain Guards, or Wind Deflectors are very much useful especially while you are traveling during windy or rainy weather conditions. Rain Guards ensure that excess raindrops are being blocked before they reach the windows, that's why it is very much helpful for drivers to still get a clear view outside the vehicle.

This was proven when we got back to the city because while we were travelling back to the city, a heavy rain has approached us in the expressway, and the rain guards proved to be very efficient in keeping a clear view from outside the vehicle. As we all know, travelling during bad weather conditions is a bit risky especially when you can't see clearly from outside.

Moreover, Rain Guards cut down excess wind and noise from outside the car, so basically, these additional accessories give lots and lots of functions for travellers.

So for frequent travellers, it is really most advisable to install rain guards or wind deflectors on our cars to ensure that our travel is safe and sound all year round- even during the rainy days.

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