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Thursday, July 23, 2009


I work for a local Sports Retail Store where merchandise losses due to thieves and burglars are a common problem, and it pains the store staff because more usual, such losses were deducted to their salaries as well.

To address the recurring problems, the management have decided to put some effective security system in place among the 10 franchise stores.

They have decided to hire at least two Security Guards. One will station on the entrance gate, while the other, who is an undercover, roams around the store and acts as a customer himself.

Aside from that, one Senior Manager has suggested that due to the fast-paced technologies, it might be more efficient to purchase anti-theft equipments and place them in strategic points. He actually cites a personal experience whereby his own home security system have helped him a couple of times in supressing thieves and burglars in his properties.

As an immediate action, special mirrors were placed in different parts of the stores as a way for the security guards and store staffs to check if there are customers with questionable behaviors inside the stores.

To further fortify the securities, the managment has hired Anti-theft experts to look into other ways wherein a better security system could futher be enhanced. I found out later that there are really a couple of companies who are offering such kinds of services, a fine example of which is ADT.

There are actually a lot more ways wherein security systems in our stores, homes, and properties may be made, but still the best option is for us all to be vigilant in looking after our respective properties.

Given these, we can rest assured that we catch the bad guys such as Batman or Spiderman can never do to us.

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