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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Safety First

I have been working part-time at a relative's construction site for nearly ten years now. A part of my job is in sourcing reliable suppliers of office supplies and other necessary items. This year, they are venturing into sub-contracting some road construction repairs in the Metropolis. However, part of the basic requirements to be an accredited sub-contractor is that the company should have the basic safety tools when working on the road. These basic tools include traffic barricade, traffic signs, and others.

Since last week, I have been trying to look for the right company who can supply good and durable road safety tools. It is fortunate that I came accross this website which specializes in selling traffic cones. I can tell that they are just the right supplier because the site shows a complete line of safety signs, tools and materials. The products are properly colored with orange because the color easily attracts commuters and travellers.

Anyway, as my relative's construction site is just starting with the road repair deals, we need to purchase the basic safety tools which include:

Warning Flags- though small items, warning flags are actually an efficient tool in directing traffic. This is a big help to motorists because all they have to do is to follow what the flag holder (traffic director) is signalling thru the flag that he holds.

Another important tools are traffic cones. It is good that the website offers a wide array of traffic cones, so you can choose what you really need.

And, of course, the most common, but one of the most important of all, the traffic barricade. A good example is the picture above. What's good about the traffic barricade sold in traffic cones.us is that they also have these traffic barricades that have built-in signal lights. These are perfect during night time, because even from afar, motorists can be warned that there is an on-going construction ahead. With this, they can change lanes, adjust speed, and/or divert onto other detours.

Indeed, it is very important that we put much priority in safety. Whatever we do, and whichever line of business we are in, it must be- Safety First!

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