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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do Gold Coins Still Exist?

The answer to the question is a reasounding Yes.


The question was raised during our discussion of the popular Harry Potter book (and movie) series where wizards and witches are using gold 401K coins and silver coins when transacting business.

Although now, we are already using bills and coins in transacting, it is good to know and realize that French Gold are still existing, and even Gold IRA coins are still available in some parts of the world.

French Gold coins are, of course, very much known to historians because it dates back into the early centuries. Thus, we could boldly say that French Gold coins are a rare collectors' treat.

For those who are still unaware, IRA (for Gold IRA) referes to Individual Retirement Account. These are normally used by workers and employees as part of their investments.

Thus, we can indeed say that even though bills and other forms of moneys have already emerged as the primary form of business transaction, Gold coins are still existing and are still very much in demand, especially for people who use them as their investment. The fact that golds and jewels continue to appreciate and not depreciate still rings true today.


Did you know?

An interesting fact about St. Gaudens Gold Coin.

According to history, St. Gaudens Gold Coins are named after one of America's well-known sculptors, Augustus Saint-Gaudens. It was then President Theodore Roosevelt who asked Saint-Gaudens to redesign America's coinage, and thus, the St. Gaudens double eagle coin emerged.

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