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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Who Hosts Your Site?

My quest to further increase my knowledge about paid websites and web hosting services continues.

[ For those unfamiliar with my topic, Wikipedia defines web hosting service as a type of internet hosting services which allows individuals (or corporations/organizations) to create their own websites and make it accessible in the world wide web.]

There are now a lot of web hosts that offer their services, so people like me can just actually get one in an instant. However, the tricky part is to ensure that you get the best value for your money; meaning that, you have to ensure that the web hosting service you get should provide the things you need for your website.

The basic necessities that I'm looking for on web hosting services are: that the applications I need should be available at any time, frequency of data backup, and plentiful storage.

But still, there are other web host services that offer managed hosting. This means that a dedicated group of specialists from your web host monitors your services, performs frequent backup, and ensures that their clients (meaning us) do not worry about their web infrastructures, and instead focus our selves on our respective works and businesses.

Other than basic web hosting and managed hosting, some hosts also offer Colocation. Colocation is good for web-based businesses because it allows the small businesses to place their services into a bigger rack/storage/facility and share that bigger rack's bandwith, meaning, better speed on your networks.

So before you grab a web host, make sure to choose the best one that suits your need.

Remember the simple rule: Value for Money.

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