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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fashionable Nursing Scrubs

Being a complete novice with regards to surgical and medical terms, I was a bit confused when my brother, who is based in the United Kingdom, has emailed me and asked me where he could buy nursing scrubs. Though the hospital where he is currently employed provides one, he said that it is always good that he has an alternate scrub on his own.

He went on to explain that nursing scrubs, together with cotton surgical scrubs, are those suits that medical practicioners, particularly nurses and nursing assistants, wear while on duty. Needless to say, they should always look neat and nice whenever assisting patients- but then, neat and nice should not mean you could not be fashionable.

These days, there are nursing scrubs that are trendy and cool to wear. There are also cotton surgical scrubs that have nice prints and can fit the character of the one wearing them.

I told my brother that there will definitely be cheap scrubs for men that are sold here in the local market, however, I am not so sure if these are authentic.

I searched for the web and found out that there are online shops that offer comfortable and quality (yet trendy!) nursing scrubs. Maybe, I will just ask my brother to purchase online rather than let me buy for him. This makes it more beneficial for him because he'll get to chose the one trendy and fashionable scrub that he likes to wear at work.

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