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Monday, June 13, 2011

Is Facebook Safe?

According to research studies, Filipinos are known to be one of the most active Facebook users in the world. In fact, we are not only active users, but we are one of the most active in terms of uploading pictures and videos.

While many people get hooked on using social networking sites as a way of interacting to others, finding long lost friends, and sharing their thoughts, it is also quite alarming that the number of social network-related crimes and violence is rising.

Recently, a Filipino actor-director, Ricky Rivero, has been stabbed a couple of times by someone whom he only got acquainted with in Facebook. This, along with other "unheard" stories, make up a long list of the bad effects of Social Networking Sites, especially to the kids and the young people.

While we can't really stop people from registering on these sites, may we take heed of the below basic precautions:

• Never post important personal details that you don't normally give to everyone (Bank Details, Cellphone Numbers, Credit Card Numbers)

• Accept only Friend Requests that you personally know. Do not accept friend requests just because you have a common friend.

• Do not just click forwarded links.

• As much as possible, persons allowed to view your profile/page should only be those people listed on your friends list.

• Never chat with someone whom you do not personally know.

These are just some of those basic but helpful tips we can follow to avoid, if not minimize the harms done by social networking sites to users.

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