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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pilipinas Kong Mahal

The loud voices reverberate inside the four corners of that small Aldaba Hall in UP Diliman as the people, most of them Iskolar ng Bayan, sang the Lupang Hinirang . I must admit that I have already forgotten the play I watched that time but I will never forget what I felt as all are singing the National Anthem.

Yes, it was only a song. But it was in those times when I can say Iam a proud Filipino. It was in those rare times when I can say, as I hear the students loudly sing the National Anthem, there is hope for the Philippines, there is hope for the Filipino.

"And the rain blended with our tears- tears of joy, of gratitude and of pride in supreme accomplishment. Above us flew for the first time and over this embattled land, alone, happy and unperturbed amidst the sweeping gales and whipping rain- The Flag of the Philippines.God! May it stay there ever, ever, ever."
- C.P. Romulo in "The Filipino Flag Rises... Alone"

[This is a repost from a previous entry made in bobongpinoy]


  1. nice issues here. when reached the first post, i thought i was going to sing "bayang magiliw" er... "lupang hinirang." LOL. im joking. keep it up and thanks for the visit. see you around pare -- visit also my first blog http://zamoracartoons.blogspot.com ..

  2. thanks also for visiting my humble site.

    anyway, i saw your blogs and found them interesting.

    see you at the beatles!


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