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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let The Game Begin

This year 2008, the Filipinos, again, are starting to see yet another blockbuster show leading to the 2010 Presidential Elections.

Now, we are beginning to see the concrete picture of what's going to happen from present to 2010. And the media continues to be the avenue where the people gets to know of who's who in the battle for the highest seat of the land.

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting, The Wannabees....... And.... Let The Game.... Begin!!!

Sipag at Tiyaga: Senate President Manny Villar

"Oo, tuloy na tayo sa 2010 sa pagka-presidente.. Wala nang urungan", thus says Manny Villar on his 2010 plans.

During the June SWS Presidentiable Surveys, Manny Villar placed third behind Noli de Castro and Loren Legarda.

However, since Villar threw off his hat on the Presidential race, allegations on various corruptions has started to box him off, the latest of which, is the Road to Nowhere mess, a project involving an alleged "double insertion of funds" where Senator Ping Lacson pinpointed Villar as the person who benefited to at least P200 Million.

People, however, think that this Lacson expose is just a way to discredit Villar's bid for the Presidency.

(Lacson himself is said to consistently set his sight on the Presidential seat, but political analysts do not seem to see him as a winnable candidate since he failed his bid during the 2004 election where he placed far third behind GMA and FPJ)

Mr. Palengke: Mar Roxas

Hoping to feat Senator Obama's fame in the US, Mar Roxas has opted to use Internet Blogging as his tool to gain popularity.

Thus, the Mar Roxas Blog. Then there is also the Mar Roxas for President in 2010 blog.

On early August 2008, Mar met with famous Political bloggers on a very lively discussion on Philippine politics over dinner. Ding Gagelonia, one of those present shares in his blog,

"Through the more that two hours he spent yesterday with the bloggers, Mar showed himself to be a ‘listening’ politician, taking notes as he heard how Filipinos are harnessing blogging to share information and distill their aspirations as a people, regardless of where the politicians are taking Philippine society."

In another blog, Ding writes,

"by the way he talks and walks, he is running for president. Make no mistake about it.His pedigree, his record as a politician (no longer ‘reluctant’ after taking on the Araneta/Roxas mantle due to the sudden death years back of his brother Dinggoy), his academic and intellectual maturity, and his age, all brand Mr. Palengke as presidential.

Mar and his team are going boldly into the new media, blogging and the class-and-border erasing Internet to get their message out and lock in the votes of overseas Filipinos and the youth."

However, Mar has yet to show himself more, as I personally believe that in his last few years in the Senate, he has not been too visible in the news. So I hope that this show of popularity that he is making thru blogging is not only for his political ambition, but a genuine show of concern to the Filipino.

Metro Gwapo: BF

Ever seen any of those huge MMDA tarps featuring our MMDA Chief Bayani Fernando? Many people has criticised BF that he is allegedly using government funds in order to popularize himself through those MMDA billboards.

At any rate, BF is getting all the popularity stints, both positive and negative. People may criticize him for being the urban poors' BERDUGO, as he continues to spearhead the way for a Handsome Metro Manila. But an equal number of people also praise him for being tough and strong in implementing rules and regulations to beautify the Metro.

Then, there is this BAYANI stickers you can find on Buses, Jeepneys, and even tricycles. One man commented, "Ang lakas ni BF sa Nueva Ecija, ah. Nakakita ako ng sticker nya doon, eh." Then, his fellow responded, "Aba'y wag kang magtaka. Kung sa Davao nga, nakakita rin ako ng stickers nya eh." When many people again comments on this, MMDA went on the defense to say that the BAYANI stickers are from BF's personal funds.

On some lighter (but somehow with still a great political color) news, BF is also contending to be the next Celebrity Duets 2nd winner. Sana naman, kahit dito, manalo si BF.

As one judge jokingly comments on him (paraphrased already), nag i improve ang singing ni BF, baka mamaya, magulo na ulit ang kalsada.

Well, those are only three of the many possible candidates who might run in 2010. It is actually too early to tell who will and who will not. There is Loren, Dick Gordon, Mayor Binay, Chiz Escudero, Kabayan Noli, and of course, the comicals Ely Pamatong and Eddie Gil.

It is too early to tell. But one thing's for sure, we are bound to see yet another colorful display of drama and comedy in search for the next Philippine President.


  1. hay. ang aga talaga ng campaign nila

    super naiinis nga ako diyan kina Villar, De Castro, Roxas at LAcson dahil halatang nagpapapogi na para sa election

    hay. sana may mga gawin silang matino para sa bayan

  2. kasi what they do today (yung impression na nakukuha nila sa tao) will define the outcome of the elections on 2010.

    sana lang maging vigilant ang mga tao to pick the best leader of the country.


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