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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


As expected, the Digital Filipino E-commerce Summit and Web Awards 2009 conducted on November 12 & 13 at the Hotel Intercontinental Manila in Makati City was a big success. To begin with, I would like to congratulate all the DigitalFilipino Web Awards 2009 winners, and a big kudos to Ms. Janette Toral who is the mighty woman behind the event. Surely, you all deserve the award. It is my prayer that all of you will continue to strive to be the best in your respective field.

Other than the awards, the summit also paved the way in introducing one of the newest e-commerce players in the Philippines- SMILDS.com. A major sponsor of the said summit and awards night, SMILDS.com promises everyone of the safest, easiest and most enjoyable online shopping in the Philippines. I have actually visited their website promotion and one thing I noticed is that there are already a lot of registered merchants who sell various products from Dried Mangoes, Wheatgrass powders, Biocofee, to Pendants and Watches, and a whole lot more. As of the moment, there are at more than 6,000 different products available for sale, and still counting, as more and more merchants are registering and offering their products.

I find using SMILDS.com very practical, specially during this christmas season, you wouldn't want to mix with all those people in the mall doing their christmas shopping rush. There is a better option, and that is by using SMilDS.com.

Or, if you are a merchant and you want to give a boost to your sales, you can register your business and let SMILDS.com advertise and increase your sales volume. Needless to say, your business will definitely go global since people from all parts of the globe can access you through the internet.

For more details and updates about SMILDS.com, you may register and be a fan of SMILDS Philippines Facebook fan page, and be one of the many others who instantly fell in love with SMILDS.com.

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