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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Maguindanao Mass Murder: Where Is The Logic?

The death toll on the infamous Maguindanao Mass Murder on Friday (November 20, 2009) has now reached 52 as of Wednesday noon today, GMANews reports. This was confirmed by Chief Superintendent Felicisimo Khu, head of the Task Force Alpha, which spearheads the initial probe and retrieval operation for the victims.

Meanwhile, an International Watchdog has named the Philippines as the World's Most Dangerous Place for Journalists to work, due to the inclusion of at least 12 journalists among those whose bodies were recovered.

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) states that, "under the current government the Philippines has become the most dangerous place in the world for media workers. At least 74 journalists have been killed during its eight-year tenure, yet the [Arroyo] government has not acted to end the culture of impunity. At last count, only four convictions had been secured.”

The question that still rings in my mind to this day is that, "Where is the Logic in Killing People just for the sake of Politics?"

Can anyone give a convincing answer?


  1. hmm..seems our dirty politics has turned to bloody politics...

    its really sad dat even innocent pipol were killed coz of greedy pipol..

  2. hello 2nd base>? :-)

  3. i heard that news actually, so sad kasi may mga taong mga masasama diba?! parang ang dali lang sa kanilang pumatay ng kapwa, so nakakainis! ggrrrr!

    thnx pala sa dalaw sa blog ko! keep safe! :-)

  4. I nearly failed during my LOGIC class but here's what I can say.



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