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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Connect India

Guys, I hope you can all give me some insightful advise.

My boss has resigned from our company a few months ago when he decided to setup his outsourcing company in his hometown in India. Actually, he was already telling us about his plan for the last two years, but we never expected that he is very serious about it.

Now here's the hard part. He told us thru email that business is really doing good, and that he is offering me and my other two colleagues to come and join him in India.

It is a bit hard for me to decide because I really am not that familiar with the Indian culture. Anyway, for a start, my boss suggested that I do my research thru internet, and he told me to frequent visiting and reading the articles in Indian Chat, a website that gives lots of information about India, including the recent news about it.

Also, knowing that we Filipinos are people who love to communicate regularly to our love ones, he informed us that it is not so much difficult to communicate, and send message to our relatives and friends because there are a lot of providers that offer Free SMS in India.

A Free SMS service is very important because this helps so much in cutting costs and expenses if ever we are able to work abroad. With so many relatives, friends and loved ones to communicate with, this free SMS service will carry a load off our budget.

Now, I have a month left to decide whether I will accept the offer or not.

Any suggestion?


  1. its hard to decide! make a researched.but anyways if the offer is good grab it!

  2. thanks, ever. and the offer is.....



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