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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bakflip: A Good Partner In Business

During the year 2009, my brother and I have started to conceptualize on putting up a resale business (delivery) of school and office supplies. And as we have already had a good number of prospective clients, it seems that we will be in for a good run.

The thoughts and the ideas are sometimes easy to come by. However, the hard part comes with the actual setting up of the business, including the equipments that we need to purchase.

One good example is the plan to buy a delivery service vehicle. I wanted us to buy a delivery truck, but my brother is encouraging me that a pick up truck is much better. He advised me that we really don't need a big truck just at the moment since we are just starting out with the business. But then, purchasing a pick up truck would mean that we still have to modify it by purchasing a durable tonneau cover. Tonneaou covers are more popularly known as truck bed or pickup bed covers.

Tonneau covers are extremely useful on our planned business because we are delivering goods that require extra care from rain, dust, etc. We have asked some friends, and they recommend a Bakflip pickup cover. Sure enough, when I tried browsing in the internet, I read that there are a lot of good, positive comments about bakflip covers.

Well, there are still a lot more to do and prepare for our business. It is our hope that everything will work out just fine for it.

1 comment:

  1. Pickup bed covers are the hottest option. These covers varies from one to another. Truck owners consider bed covers as an additional option. There are some covers that are weatherproof. In my opinion Tonneau covers are best option and they look great on trucks. An important consideration when you are choosing the right bed cover is Cargo. Most covers will work for the cargo that is short and fits below bedside rails. I also like the tri-fold type that folds all the way. This gives a full use of the bed. I used A.R.E. fiberglass one piece for one of my truck. It's bulky to remove but not crazy heavy for two people and it takes only 5-10 minutes remove/re-install. For more information visit http://www.pickuptruckusa.com/pickup_truck_bed_covers.php


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