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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Going Organic

Going organic is definitely the "in" thing these days, as people are starting to become more health-conscious with what they do, what they wear, and what they eat.

This is actually due to the fact that people are concerned with the many new diseases and ailments caused about by the chemicals that are unconciously being taken into our bodies along with our food.

How does this happen? Well, due to advanced science and technology, researchers and scientiests are finding ways to speed up the growth process of our farm animals. This involves giving them chemicals and other artificial nutrients. With this, when the meat are converted for our food consumption, there are big chances that we also intake the chemicals into our body system.

As a result, negative reactions happen inside our bodies, and may cause development of disease and sickness.

But the good thing is, as I have mentioned on my first line, people are becoming more health-conscious and are now choosing organic vegetables, organic fruits, and organic meats for their food choices. This way, there little chances that harmful chemicals are being taken into their body systems.

For example, there are now certain farms that grow animals (like beef, cattle and poultry) the "organic" way. This means that they are providing natural lifestyles or habitat to the animals, and that they allow them to grow in using the natural life cycles. This ensures that the final consumers who buy the meat products are safe from unconsciously taking artificial chemicals and substances in their bodies.

It is about time that all of us consider going organic in our own lifestyles. This is good for the environment; and this is definitely good for all of us.

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