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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mukhang Guilty

(Naalala ko dati, umentra din sa showbiz si Mikey. Ewan lang kung bakit hindi na nag-progress ang career nya. Anyway.....)

Inquirer.net's Nancy Carvajal reports a simple and casual encounter with the Arroyos in an interview at the St. Luke's Medical Center where FG Mike Arroyo has had an overnight stay for some treatments due to diarrhea.

FG, who is being interviewed on his reactions on JDV's statements about the business meetings in China concerning the ZTE deal, then said, "Enough with Politics".

Mikey, who was standing to the right of his father, bent over, suddenly grabbed Nancy Carvajal's (Inquirer reporter) right arm and with eyes glaring yelled: “Tama na, tama na! (Enough, enough!)”

Dato, who was standing to the left of his father, signaled to his older brother to stop. The First Gentleman appeared unaware of what Mikey was doing, continuing to answer questions by other reporters about his illness.

>>>>> So to speak, FG Mike Arroyo accused former speaker (and former GMA ally) Joe De Venecia of lying.

So sino sa kanila ang mukhang guilty?

A. De Venecia
B. the Arroyos
C. All of the Above


  1. I'd have to say C. JDV is no saint, implying in his testimony that he had committed no sin, that he was merely tagging along. But I think the Arroyos are just plain lying through their teeth, merely brushing aside JDV's assertions without bothering to explain why the were in China in the first place.

    You go to China just to play golf? Why, the grass is greener? C'mon!

  2. PLS, definitely, greener sa china (dun kasi galing yung million dollars :D)


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