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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Villar Out; Enrile In

On Monday, November 17, Senator Manny Villar formally tendered his resignation as Senate President of the Philippines.


“The tenure of the Senate president, as everyone knows, depends on the number of members that supports him or her. I've been informed this afternoon that I no longer have the support of the majority members. I now, therefore tender my resignation.”


Inquirer.net reports:

The plot to oust Villar, Sen. Panfilo Lacson said, had been “a work in progress since the C-5 controversy,” was said to have been hatched over the weekend and was finalized at noon Monday, with 13 senators signing a resolution to oust Villar.

The C-5 controversy refers to Lacson’s accusation that Villar had initiated the double entry in the national budget for the extension of the C-5 road in the cities of Parañaque and Las Piñas.
Villar has been accused of benefiting from the C-5 extension project as this passed through property owned by his real estate firms.

Immediately after Villar's speech, Lacson moved to declare the top senate post vacant and nominated Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, who garnered 14 votes to become the next Senate President. Senator Gregorio Honasan stood up and swore Enrile into his new office.

[I find it noteworthy to say that Enrile was one of Ferdinand Marcos' allies when Marcos declared the Martial in 1972. Thereafter, Enrile became one of the leaders of a military revolt in 1986 that led to the Edsa People Power Revolution and the ouster of Marcos. During the revolt, Enrile gathered much support from Honasan, then a young military officer.]


“With sincere gratitude and in all humility, I accept the responsibility and trust that the majority of you, my peers, has entrusted and reposed upon me today.

Allow me this opportunity to ask you, my colleagues, to forgive my shortcomings.

I am an old man who has acquired some bad habits of sometimes being arrogant, rude, harsh with my words, insensitive and impatient.

Yet, you have so kindly overlooked these shortcomings, and generously chose me to be your leader.”


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