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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sa Pula, Sa Puti

I thought I've had enough of political comedy for the week.

Hindi pa pala.

Just when I thought the Dureza Prayer will make it to the top of my favorites this week, biglang umentra naman sa eksena si Leon Guerrero.

Here's Inquirer.net's hot issue preceeding the coup in the Senate which brought down Manny Villar and installed Juan Ponce Enrile to the Senate Presidency.

Lapid confused by Senate coup
He’s neither here nor there
Perhaps he thought he was responding to the roll call?

Sen. Lito Lapid, a known ally of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, appears to be quite confused by the sudden change in leadership and the subsequent alliances in the Senate.

In the four days since the coup that saw Manuel Villar being replaced by Juan Ponce Enrile as Senate president, Lapid had not only shifted sides but also managed to confuse his fellow senators.

At press time Thursday, both the majority and minority camps were claiming him as their own.

Lapid was not among the 12 senators who signed on Monday a resolution backing Enrile as Villar’s replacement. But the former action star surprised everyone, including the 12 senators who supported the coup, when he voted for Enrile on the floor.

Some reporters said they saw Lapid raising his hand in a thumbs-up sign when his name was called during the voting for Enrile.

On Tuesday, Lapid said on radio that he had not intended to vote for Enrile, but that he had not bothered anymore to correct the outcome.

He then declared that he wanted to join the minority with Villar.
Thursday, both Enrile and Sen. Aquilino Pimentel Jr. said Lapid was now with the majority.

“I thought Senator Lapid was going to join us, but I understand he changed his mind,” Pimentel, who is likely to be named minority leader, told reporters at the weekly Senate forum.

“Better check with him so there will be no confusion,” Pimentel said.

Enrile said Lapid voted for him when he was nominated Senate president. He said he had been told that Lapid wanted to join the majority, and that he had not convinced the latter to do so.

“When I talked to [Lapid], I said, ‘You’re welcome. Everybody is welcome to join the majority.’ If they want to join us, why not? Who am I to say no?” Enrile told reporters.

Asked whether Lapid would then retain the chairmanship of the committee on games, amusement and sports, Enrile replied in the affirmative with a chuckle:

“Yes, he wants to play games. I’ll give him the games and amusement [committee] … He wants to be amused.”


Para tuloy kapag ganito na yung mga nakikita o nababasa ko, minsan, iniisip ko, ba't di na lang kaya i-abolish ang Senado?

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