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Monday, January 19, 2009

Who's In? Who's Out?

As expected, the nomination for the country's top post come 2010 has informally begun. The newest addition of course, is our SC Chief Justice Reynato Puno.

Early this week, Kapatiran Party has expressed their interest in picking SC Chief Puno to be their flag-bearer in the 2010 Presidential Elections. Puno, however, declined any interest in entering the political arena.

In fact, even Ping Lacson, himself a presidential wannabe, also endorsed Puno as someone who can be the next president of the Philippines.

Inquirer.net, then, reports that Bro. Eddie Villanueva, spiritual leader of the Jesus is Lord movement, is offering Puno as his Vice Presidential running mate. In 2004, Villanueva bid (and lost) for the presidential post against GMA and FPJ.

In a separate report, however, Former Presidential Legal Adviser Apostol Sergio (er, Sergio Apostol) comments that "Puno does not know his politics and would not be bankable enough".

Inquirer's January 19 editorial thus notes:


No, Puno does not know his politics if what Apostol means by it is the dirty, traditional politics of deceit, dishonesty, corruption and cheating. And true, Puno would not be bankable, unlike former President Joseph Estrada or Senators Bong Revilla or Jinggoy Estrada. If you want “bankable,” you will have to nominate somebody from show biz or sports. After all, the word is often used to refer to stars whose names could be used as collateral for getting big loans from banks.

The trouble with presidential “headhunters” is that all they talk about is popularity, “winnability,” “bankability.” They forget about the traits of leadership: integrity, honesty, dedication and patriotism. They do not care if their candidate is a traditional politician who is ready to sacrifice his principles for the sake of expediency.

The last time we had a similar situation was when Cory Aquino, widow of the assassinated former senator Benigno Aquino Jr., ran for president against the dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos scoffed that she knew nothing (“walang alam”). Aquino retorted that she really knew nothing — about cheating, dishonesty and corruption. She was not “bankable,” and so people contributed millions to her campaign fund. She won the snap election, but was cheated by Marcos and his minions. But the people, in mounting the EDSA People Power Revolution, recognized and installed her as the true winner.

Not “bankable” enough. “Does not know his politics.” Those who scoff at a possible presidential run by Puno had better review their history.


So now the question still stands-Who's got what it takes to be the Next Philippine President who can lead us to progress and prosperity?

(For sure, if the hunt would be made a reality show like PBB, Pinoy Idol, Survivor, etc., the Networks will fight for the airing rights).

Who's In? Who's Out? to run for the Presidential Race (And not necessarily to WIN and TRIUMPH)

In my opinion-

SC Chief Justice Puno is In. By all means he is qualified; not withstanding that He is a righteous leader (much like then Chief Justice Davide). But his weakness would be the local areas because he's only known in the Metro.

Bishop Bro. Eddie Villanueva is Out. I continue to stand by my personal opinion that he should not meddle with running for the post. His running in 2004 has caused division in the body of Christ- and I hope this serves to remind him that yes, He can pray, advise, and stir moral ascendency for the Filipinos, but be the President? Oh, It would be much better if he will just allow his son, Joel (Congressman of Party List CIBAC), to run for Senator (then He can later flourish and may run for President-Why Not?).

Senator Ping Lacson- Out. I think his failure in 2004 shows the reason why.

Senator Mar Roxas- In.

But for Roxas, his cursing during one of the rallies in Makati recently has put a clear negative point against him (Sana ay nag ingat ingat naman kahit paano).

Senator Manny Villar is In.

Mr. Sipag at Tiyaga has the pesosesoses needed to launch his nationwide campaign.

Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay is In. No! Out!

I believe he should first run for Senator. Then President in the next next elections. Same thing with his nemesis, the famous, and singing sensation, MMDA Chair and Mr. Gwapo, Bayani Fernando.

And what can we say about pareng Erap? I think he is In. But the people should not vote for him. Not this time.

And..... when all else fights for their own battle to the top, this next personality is certainly the Man to Beat!

Certainly, Eddie Gil can provide the fun and laughter during the campaigns. Go, Eddie Gil!!!


  1. got your link from bobongpinoy groups.. ayos ang in and out ah! kay roxas siguro ako.. dahil kababayan ko sya?

  2. eh si Gordon?

    *kagabi ko lang nakita, nag-allot ang News On Q (QTV11) ng isang segment gabi-gabi para sa mga presidentiables. diyan ko napanood si Gordon kagabi. mamayang gabi, si Binay naman.

  3. gordon ka ba, madam?

    back in '98, pinangarap ko na ring maging presidente si gordon. bilib kasi ako sa ginawa nya sa subic.

    ewan ko lang ngayon. sa tingin ko, pareho sila nang kaso ni binay at ni bf.

    all of them are capable. but i don't know if the common tao (who choose by popularity) will pick them up.


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