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Monday, August 10, 2009

Conquering Mathematics

About 75% of Filipino students would say that their least favorite subject would be no other than Mathematics.

I am one of the 75%.

Oh, I really don't know why, but adding to that fact that the subject really sucks, I could not explain why more often than not, the most dreaded subject (which is, of course, Math), is usually handled by the most dreaded Professors at school. Agree? ( I see about 15 people raising their hands simultaneously in agreement!)

It's a good thing that during my high school days, I got math help from my brother who is a Civil Engineer and loves mathematics. He gave me tips of solving the Xs and the Ys, and of finding the As and the Bs, with the occassional pricking of my ears when I really could not catch up with the lessons.

During college, in order to increase my knowledge on mathematics (which is a requirement on my course), I resorted to joining the Math Society- members of which are offering Free Math Help methods to their co-members. It was during those times, when the world, is earnestly seeking the wonderful works that the internet could provide, that the Math Society actually had the idea that Online Math Tutoring may be introduced in the internet in order to help other people in knowing and understanding the complexities of mathematics. Through this, we have developed a way wherein students can just access the internet and seek for Online Math Help within minutes from knowledgeable online math tutors.

Fast forward to the present, this development has caused great help for students to get free online math help and get a better understanding of mathematics.

Mathematics- they're not dreadful anymore.
Mathematics- they can be conquered with a little help from our internet technology.

And much more, people are willing to help for free.

Isn't it nice?

Now let's try and find X:

X + 5 = 9



Aaaaaaaaaaah! Gotta get online math help now!

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