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Monday, August 31, 2009

Sports And I

Perhaps the only physical sports I've ever entered myself into was Basketball. Having gifted with not more than 5 feet- 7 inches height, I can only play in the shooting guard or off-guard position.

I don't know, but maybe Filipinos are just built the way it is- not too big and not too small.

However small I am, I also indulge myself into watching and loving other physical games that are made only for the Big Boys.


I Love Football

It's one of those sports that the Americans have so passionately shared to the world, and I'm loving it because I so like how strength and wisdom act together in order to win the game.

Perhaps because of my love for Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls Basketball Team, I have also tried to follow the Chicago Bears in the National Football League (NFL). Mind you, they have already got themselves a couple of big championships (9 American Football Championships and 8 in the NFL).

They are, again, on the run this season. Chicago Bears Tickets are now on sale for their September 3 matchup versus the Cleveland Browns at the Soldier Field Stadium, Chicago, Illinois.

Another exciting team to watch this season would be the Philadelphia Eagles. Will they be able to soar on high and make their way to the finals? We have yet to watch and see. Meantime, Philadelphia Eagles Tickets are also available for September 20 (versus the New Orleans Saints) and September 27 (versus the Kansas City Chiefs).

WWE- Scripted but Still Equally Entertaining

I've been an avid wrestling fan since I was a kid, supporting and loving Hulk Hogan. And no matter how much I know that wrestling matches are definitely scripted, the stories never fail to entertain me until today.

Now the matches are more comical, scripted and sophisticated but we've always got to give credit to the brains behind the World Wrestling Entertainment for allowing us to be glued in our seats and watch how the antics of Undertaker, John Cena, Edge and Randy Orton unfold inside the ring.

Speaking of WWE, Blue Cross Arena Tickets may now be purchased, featuring the World Wrestling Entertainment Match on October 27. You may have to purchase early, because thousands of wrestling fans will definitely flock to the Blue Cross Arena to get a glimpse of their favorite Wrestling Superstars.

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