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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Worthy Investments

Having studied Finance and Accounting, I used to hear from our college professor that lands are a good investment, as the land value does not depreciate. However, as lands normally are of very high cost of investment, our good Finance professor introduced a nice "lower cost of investing" and that is to buy gold.

It was also from her that the word "bullion" was introduced to most of us. Bullion, as defined by yourdictionary.com pertains to
gold or silver in the form of ingots, bars, or sometimes coins.
I totally forgot about these theoretic investment ideas until one time when my wife and I were scouting for our wedding ring that our ring supplier introduced to us the prospect to try and buy gold coins and/or gold bullions if we have extra money to spare. She totally agrees that buying these is a very good and worthwhile investment.

A good advice, she went on, is to look for a good company who can help you with the technical expertise and know-how when investing in gold and bullions- and that's how I came to know about Gold Coins Gain, a company who specializes in assisting investors on how to properly buy gold and gold coins.

I still have got to find out more of this stuff and hopefully, in the future, I could even suggest the best and sure way in getting a return on investment on these.

More next time!

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