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Monday, July 7, 2008

Coffee Delight

Here's another delightfully tasting coffee find i had recently.

For those who frequent travelling at North Luzon Expressway, you might want to drop by and refuel at the Shell North Luzon Tollway Southbound Station in Mexico, Pampanga. This is the first gas station that you will have to pass by from DAU toll plaza.

While the gas station itself is home to a lot of fastfood chains for drive thru, you should not afford to step out of your car and enter the Select Convenience Store.

Inside, you will find the Divas Kaffe. We chanced upon tasting the coffee when one of our companions offered us a free coffee each. (Who are we to decline the offer, anyway?).

I should say that the taste is really, really delightful. What's more, the prices are unbelievably low. A large cup of caffe latte is only 58 pesos (vat inclusive, of course).

As with the other coffee stations, Divas Kaffe also offers cold beverages, like fraps, fruit juices, and pastries (two thumbs up for the pastries) to go with the drinks.

I have to check out, however, if all Shell Select Stores do house the coffee bar in all their outlets.

Quality at a low price. That's really a delightful treat from Divas Kaffe. (I wonder if I can ever get some fees from advertising this one :>).


  1. mahilig ka talaga sa kape noh? :D

  2. it's been my natural water eversince childhood.

    though they say na hindi rin maganda yung masyadong kape.

    how 'bout u?


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