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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Made for the Province (Or the City?)

Metro- A City of Gold and Opportunities

Again this is an issue of "City is where the gold is" mentality, where most of the people in the province are making out of their way just to be and live in the City.

It's always a wonder for me why the people in the province keep coming to the Metro to try their fate without any assurance of what life awaits them in the city.

Here, it is very common to see so many families living in as squatters in neglected government and even private lots, under the bridge, or along the highways. Most can also attest to the many children polishing our shoes with dirty rags inside the jeepneys, then ask for money.

Too bad that later on, the people who thought that the Metro is a City full of gold and opportunities find out that the living in the City is not always that good after all.

There are those who are made for the Province

We can feel the strong breeze of the wind as we trail to our cousin's ricefield on that one stormy day of May.

Now as i said earlier, PAGASA has detected a storm coming into the Philippines (and on the forecast, they are correct! wonder why later on, they have this forecast problem case with Sulpicio Lines on the sinking of MV Princess of the Stars).

We made a stop in front of that lonely house in the middle of the fields.

This is were the farmers are supposed to rest, eat, place their tools, and sleep if needed while they are taking care of the fields. - no television, no air conditioners, nothing of that high-tech equipments and gadgets that are supposed to bring ease to our lives.

Now, the harvest season has just gone by and so you wouldn't be seeing any riceplants in the fields.

Apparently, our companion informed us that they have just planted the "punla" or the seedlings and they are waiting for the time wherein they can transfer the seedlings in the ricefields.

The simplicity of life in the province. How people have become tired of this seemingly monotomous life and dare themselves migrate in the City where uncertainty of life awaits them.

As far as the eyes can see

"Look on as far as you can. Explore your eyes on the vast fields and as far as your eyes can see, they are mine"

The field averages to more than Xthousand cavans of palay in one harvest season. And with the price of rice going wild up over these past days, who wouldn't be ignoring the facts?

They started with little and with simple lifestyle. But they chose to stay in the Province and found what the others have failed to see- Success.

It is not where you are that determines your sucess in life. It is being to where God has destined you to be.

If God has designed you to be in the City or be in the Province-there you will succeed.

That is your destiny.

That is your inheritance.

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