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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fuel Prices Going Higher and Higher

For about how many months now, there seems to be an unstoppable upscale of Gasoline and Diesel price not only in the Philippines, but also in most part of the world.

In the Philippines alone, gas prices rise every weekend by at least a peso per liter. And economists analyze that it could go much higher still in the coming months.

Thus, militants groups are again on the outrage and continues to urge the Philippine Government to do something about it; while the LTFRB has recently approved an increase on transportation fares.

On a positive note, however, motorists are experiencing less traffic because some of the motorists prefer riding on public vehicles rather than using their own private cars. People also tend to flock to the MRT and LRT rather than in jeepneys, buses, and AUVs because of the fare increase.

Recent study shows a different trend in the Automobile Business.

The sale of 2nd hand cars have declined significantly.
Buyers also prefer having the diesel-run cars rather than those vehicles using gasoline.
Also, vehicles with smaller engines (thereby using smaller volume of gas).

In any event, we all hope that this fuel crisis will finally end. Not unless in the future, we'd want the following video to actually happen in our country.

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