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Monday, March 2, 2009

Bayanihan At Work

In a nation where most of the news we hear everyday implicate corruption, poverty, graft, and disagreements, it is very refreshing to hear and learn that Good Things still exist.

Such as the case in Sitio Dumaliguia, Quezon, Nueva Viscaya, where the project, Rangtay Pagbiagan, is initiated.

Residents of Sitio Dumaliguia, an agricultural village, have started contributing P5 monthly to the community’s treasury to pool funds for the repair of their hanging bridges under the project “Rangtay Pagbiagan” (Bridge of Life).

The hanging bridges, approximately 100 meters long, were destroyed during recent typhoons that hit the area.

Out of the 114 families contributing since September 2008, the project has already raised more than P2,000. In addition, the Local Government and personnel of FMC Mining Corp., provides labor in order to build at least two hanging bridges.

The hanging bridges serve as the sitio's link to the markets, where their products, like rice and banana are being sold.

Also, the bridges are being used by children when coming to schools. In previous times, when bridges were destroyed, children were forced to drop out of school, that's why the dropout rate is so high.

Indeed, Bayanihan is still alive in our culture. And I do hope that as other people are able to read and learn about this worthwhile activity, may they be encouraged and continue to believe that something good still exists in this country.

Mabuhay po kayo, mga kababayang ilokano, at pagpalain nawa ng Panginoon ang inyong proyekto.

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