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Monday, March 9, 2009

Eraserheads: The Final Set

Was it really the last?

I bet the people are clamoring for more.

Maybe for the last time, Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, Raimund Marasigan and Buddy Zabala (Philippines' Fab Four), reunite as one Eheads Band on March 7, 2009 at the SM Mall of Asia.

An estimated 100,000+ people gathered together at the MOA Open Grounds to witness the concert which, as they say, sealed the previously interrupted first reunion concert held at The Fort on August 30, 2008.

(A detailed account on The Final Set is described by the Philippine Entertainment Portal)

Some Highlights:

• The Eraserheads opened their set with the witty "Magasin," which was taken from the band's second album, Circus (1994).

• The band then performed the songs "Walang Nagbago," "Maling Akala," "Poorman's Grave," "Waiting for the Bus", and "Maskara".

• Marcus and Raimund took over the vocals awhile perhaps, to lighten Ely's load and help preserve his voice, given the long set list. Marcus performed a reggae version of "Huwag Mo Nang Itanong", while Raimund sang "Alkohol" and "Insomnia".

• Ely resumed vocals via the song "Torpedo" to round up the first set.

• The Second part opens with the band singing accoustic versions of "Julie Tearjerky," "Wishing Wells," and "Fine Time."

• The fans sang and cursed along with Ely while singing the famous "Pare Ko".

• The band, then, played "Back 2 Me," Trip to Jerusalem," "Spoliarium," "Overdrive," and "Minsan."

• Singing Superproxy and Kaleidoscope World, the Eraserheads played tribute to a close friend, the Master Rapper Francis Magalona. Kiko was supposed to sing along with the Eraserheads on Concert Night, however, he succumed to death a day earlier.

• They again sang "Alapaap" (which was their opening salvo during the first reunion concert), but with a much slower temple.

• Would an Eheads concert be complete without the Phenomenal "Ang Huling El Bimbo"?

• To cap the night, The Eraserheads proceeded to sing "Ligaya," "Sembreak," and "Toyang".

Again, the question remains in the heads of every individual who still clamor for more of the Eheads:

Was it really the Last?

I hope we could spend more time together
A few hours is better than never
If we could only make it longer
A whole day would be fine
A whole day would be fine
A whole day would be fine
A whole day would be fine

-The Eraserheads, Fine Time-


  1. nandun ako sa concert. sabi nung kasama namin, habang tumatalon iyung mga tao, lumilindol sa concert grounds dahil sa sabay-sabay na talon. eh reclaimed area iyun dati di ba? paano kung bumagsak iyun? lulubog kaming lahat!

    salamat sa pagbisita sa aking blog!

  2. ganoon kalakas ang adrenaline ng mga tao.

    imagine kung 100K na katao ang lumulundag?

    mabuti na lang at hindi nga bumagsak yung area. that would have been another tragedy.

  3. Nandun ako nung concert..langhya..mega goosebumps...tayuan buhok ko sa batok.....pagtumatalon ang tao...lumilindol...takot kami..pero tuloy pa rin kami sa pagtalon....nostalgia effect talaga ang kanta ng eheads....hahaha...parang ayaw ko matapos yung concert

  4. sadly, and reality, may katapusan ang lahat... katulad ng pagtatapos ng grupo.

    pero may pag-asa pa.

    sana may reunion ulit....

  5. I really wanted to be there in the concert. it is my biggest dream to meet the eheads...i am the avid fan of eraser heads since they started rockin filipino music..long live eraser heads, from yanyan of Sarangani Province, Mindanao...



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