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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Going Techie [Te-ki]

"Techie [Te-chi] na ako ngayon brod."


"Techie na ako. I now have two cellular phones in my pocket."

"Tangek! Techie [Te-ki] ang pronounciation dun. Kung Te-chie, ano yun?
Tetchie Agbayani?"


Aside from my old reliable Motorola phone, I have a recent Sony Ericsson phone bulging in my pocket. Now I wasn't actually planning to be a Techie [Te-ki] person, however, I had to purchase another unit out of necessity.

Other than those two possessions, I really couldn't think of anymore gadget that I own to make people call me a Techie [Te-ki].

Ok, I have an ipod on my office drawer, but we always joke about it because they say it is actually an ay-pot, an immitation of the original thing. I had to buy that ipod (which I actually don't use now), out of "pakikisama" to that friend/officemate who sells that stuff.

Wikipedia defines Techie as a term, derivative of the word technology, for a person who displays a great, sometimes even obsessive, interest in technology, high-tech devices, and particularly computers.

To most Pinoys, being techie is being up-to-date with innovative gadgets, like cellphones, music players, play stations, computers, and the like.

There is actually nothing wrong with being "techie". In this modern world, one must really catch up with the fast changes that are happening. However, people should also be aware that buying and owning these advanced technologies should be coupled with responsibilities.

Especially in this time of our economy where there are lots of uncertainties, it is important that we buy things only when we have the capacity to buy.

To add, we must consider that we buy a thing because it is necessary. Nowadays, cellular phones become necessities, even to students. But I personally say that high-end phones may not be suitable yet for students. I should know- I have two student relatives who lost their high end phones because they are not yet responsible enough to look for their personal belongings.

Parents should guide their children. Considering that the young are the more enthusiastic when it comes to gadgets, I believe parents should allow their children to use these things in moderation. The more they use their PSPs, their computers and their music players, the less they devote their time for study and for inter-personal relationship with other people.

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