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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jobs and Unemployment in the Philippines

In about a month, many students will finally graduate from college and will be ready to face another chapter of their being: Employment.

However, due to the recent scores of recession in many countries, which actually started in the United States in September last year, these fresh graduates will have to face a more stiff competition in winning a slot for a job. One, because there are not much job openings; and two, because experienced employees are also vying for positions.

The SWS survey conducted in the fourth quarter of 2008 states that about 27.9% Filipino adults, or almost 11 million people, are unemployed. Being unemployed is defined as those not working and are looking for work. Thus, housewives, disabled, students, and the retired, are excluded from the survey.

Philstar.com reports that business analysts foresee that unemployment rate in the Philippines is expected to remain high in the next few months as the global economic crisis crimps business activities. This came out after big companies, like FedEx, Panasonic, and Intel, have started to trim down or close their operations in the Philippines, thereby laying off thousands of Filipino employees.

So that leaves us with the question whether our Filipino workforce, including our fresh college graduates will have enough job opportunities.

As we wait for our economy to normalize and recover from the worldwide economic recession, here are some helpful tips for those who are currently at a look-out for jobs:

• Prepare a curriculum vitae/resume which clearly states your qualifications. When coming for a job interview, be sure to appear and act presentable. This goes with the connotation that first impressions are very important. Be corteous enough to talk to whoever is administering your application. A cheerful disposition also improves your chances of taking a positive impression from them.

• Be confident but do not overstate your qualifications.

• This is specially for first-time applicants and/or fresh graduates. Do not be very choosy on the job offerings. As mentioned earlier, there are also job seekers who already have previous experiences, so they have better chances than fresh graduates.

• Other than ads in newspapers, try to search for job openings in the Internet. There are sites which cater to the needs of employees and employers. Some of these are Jobstreet, Jobsdb, and Trabaho.com. When you post your resume on their sites, they go and look for compatible job opportunities and email these to you. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) website might also be helpful.

• Attend Job Fairs. Oftentimes, colleges and universities conduct job fairs in order to give their graduating students a head start in getting work. Local governments and other organizations also conduct these kinds of activities.

• While applying for work, it is also very useful to apply for BIR TIN, SSS ID, NBI Clearance, Passport, HDMF, Philhealth, etc., since you might need these when you start working. When you plan to work for any government office, be sure that you have taken and passed the Civil Service Examination.

• Pick the job that suits your qualifications. As much as possible, apply for jobs that will enhance your college degree, lest your career path will be side-tracked. Then, of course, the saying that says "Follow your Heart" applies. Look for work that will give joy and satisfaction to you while considering your qualifications.

• There is nothing wrong in leaving the country and work abroad. But be sure to do a background check on your employer and the agency handling your papers. We have heard lots of people who have had misfortunes on un-accredited agencies and/or bad employers abroad. So verify with the POEA whether such agencies are duly accredited.

• Do not give out Original copies of your Diplomas, Transcripts, and other personal important documents to prospective employers. Give photocopies, instead.

• Frustration is out of the picture. Do not stop when you don't get selected. Know that somewhere, there is a job that's specifically for you.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.


  1. Wow hector!

    this is really a good post. I've been thinking of doing an article like this... hehe

    might as well link you na lang if ever.

    I think part of the blame comes from the poor educational system of the Philippines

    I know many college graduates who struggle with simple arithmetic operations without calculator, or college graduates who cannot express themselves in English

    or that the university does not really prepare the students on what the indusry needs.

    bitaw, hirap talaga hanap work ngayon. pinagdaanan ko rin yan last year

  2. hi pchi, thanks for the appreciation.

    sure, you can always link.

    yun ang nakakalungkot talaga sa sistema ng edukasyon dito.

    pano nga naman matututo ng ingles and estudyante kung ang titser mismo e hindi mali mali ang ingles.

  3. Cool tips for fresh graduates. ang dami na namang graduates at mejo madami din kasing diploma mills sa pilipinas.

  4. Hello there!May I just ask if pwede kumuha TIN kahit wala pa work. Someone told me kasi di raw pwede. Is it true?

  5. form 1902/application for registration has a portion wherein which the applicant should indicate the TIN Number of the applicant's employer.

    here's the link:


  6. I think much blame also has to go to the Philippine English teachers. China, India and Korea inport English teachers and their people are thriving. The Philippines has English teachers who I saw taught errors in reading and pronouciating words in English. Then the students continue on with the errors into the business world or even into becoming English teachers. I asked 4 students who gratudated and were about to become English teachers what the difference was between Breath and Breathe? None answered correctly. Maybe the colleges should look into getting teacher who could pronounce the words and know what it means.

  7. Graduated... sorry the word should be Graduated not gratudated. error in typing.

  8. hi id like to know if it is possible that I can use your photo on my new blog post.

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