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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Documentary-type Wedding Experience

My brother is to marry his long-time girlfriend of 5 years this 3rd week of December. Having been tasked with the role of finding an efficient (performance and cost-wise) Videography Supplier, I immersed myself into finding a wedding videographer who can give us fresh ideas for their wedding video.

I am able to browse thru Buddy Gancenia's unique wedding video services in the internet via his site Reality Wedding Video and I instantly fell in love with the services that he is offering in his website. Buddy's Reality Wedding Video takes pride in being the first and only documentary-reality wedding video producer in the Philippines.

Reality Wedding Video revolutionizes the future of wedding videography by offering this very unique documentary-type wedding coverage all couples would long for-after all, it's their day, and nothing beats like having a beautiful coverage.

Here's a wonderful sample of Buddy's Work:

You can click on the image below to check on what brides have to say about their services:

I will be coordinating soon with Buddy so I can discuss my brother's needs for December. I've checked their rates on their website and I find it reasonable enough. Hopefully, they'd be able to accomodate us in such a short span of notice, though.

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