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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is Your Computer Secured?

People like me who consume at least six hours a day using the computer and browsing the internet always desire for maximum computer protection from virus.

I am always reminded of an incident that occured about 4 months ago, when I had a very important transaction to accomplish in the internet, my computer suddenly malfunctioned and I am notified by our systems operator that a trojan virus has invaded my desktop computer.

The systems operator did a quick diagnose and advised me that he will need to pull out my computer for virus removal and further check up in order to ensure that computer protection will be put in place so that such occurence will be minimized, if not stopped.

I was endorsed with a temporary workstation computer so I was able to complete my transaction at 10 minutes before the 6 pm deadline from the client. It's a good thing that my client, to whom I have already built a worthwhile business acument, is merciful enough to wait for the deadline period.

Lesson learned: always ensure that your computer has been installed a virus protection or anti virus software. Computer protection now becomes easier to manage because there are suppliers like ZSecurity which caters online service for your internet security protection.

In times when the use of internet technology matters much on our business transactions, it pays to be secured.

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