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Monday, September 28, 2009

Looking Forward To My Myrtle Beach Vacation

We as a family always look forward to our yearly vacation. This is a time wherein we set aside at least five days just to be together and to maintain the close ties within us. This year 2009, we had the pleasure of going to one of the Philippines' (and probably one of the world's) best beaches in Surigao del Sur, Mindanao. Aside from its clear waters and white sand, we had sumptous meals of crabs, shirmps, and fresh fish.

A close family friend based in the US has just come to visit our parents in the Philippines and having known our family tradition, unexpectedly invited us to go visit them in the US and have a vacation at the various Myrtle Beach Resorts near their residence in South Carolina.

We have never been to the United States, so naturally, the invitation gave a lot of excitement to all of us, so we begin to dream of booking into one of the nicest Oceanfront Myrtle Beach Resort there is in the area.

I have made some research in the internet and I found out that the Myrtle Beach Resort in South Carolina has been selected the Best Family Beach by the Travel Channel. This must probably be because there are a whole lot of activities waiting for the whole family to enjoy when you get to go there. The Myrtle Beach Resort is close to Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Museums, Restaurants, and Golf courses.

We're still mapping up our plans, because we have to prepare lots of travel documents, but I am now looking forward to having my vacation in South Carolina. Of course, I am expecting a lot of expenses, so I am now looking for ways to earn extra income. :)

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