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Friday, September 18, 2009

PDF Made Even Easier

Part of our company's business, aside from dealing with local clients in the country, is doing services to other foreign clients. To simplify our billing and payment procedures, we just send scan our invoices to adobe pdf (Portable Document Format) and send them to clients via email.

We used to scan and save the file as jpeg image, however, jpeg files normally consume large bytes. When our company decided to purchase a photocopy machine with a bulit scanner, we were introduced to saving the file in adobe pdf, which consumes smaller bytes rather than when saved in jpeg format.

A dilemma encountered, however, was how I was going to edit pdf files when there are changes that need to be made, or when there are additional details that need to be included in the invoice. I have asked one of my staffs to go and look for a pdf software that would be able to convert pdf to word and convert word to pdf so we will be able to address the issue. She was able to look for a good pdf software in the internet and I believe it is the best solution for our current need. As I look at it, the software might also help me with knowing more about pdf creator, pdf maker, and pdf printer.

PDF now really becomes much more easier to use now that we are able to find a suitable software that will be able to cater for our needs.

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