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Monday, September 28, 2009

House Made For Wood

House Made For Wood- Is the title incorrect? We oftentimes hear and read the phrase “house made of wood” to refer to those country houses that are made of wood materials. I so love those types of houses which I often see on Hollywood movies whose settings are on the west side of America.

So much for that, because what I am blogging today is not “house made of wood”, but “house made for wood”.

During my most recent trip back to my hometown, I was surprised to see that my father is still using firewood as an alternative for gas in cooking. This is because there are still a couple of big acacia trees surrounding our ancestral house, so naturally we have an ample supply of wood for use.

However, my father is resigned to the fact that it is hard to keep firewood outside the house. The current firewood rack that he himself created about six months ago could not keep the wood from being wet, especially when heavy rains occur in the area. The firewood are being decayed as a result of being wet, especially when rains occur continuously for two to three days.

Also, firewood rack, or log rack, when kept outside the house are prone to bugs and termites; insects that destroy the wood by eating and rigging it. The ideal solution is to keep the firewood inside the house, but this will require a lot of space, and may even make your house to look untidy.

When I reported back for work, a co-employee advised me of what he has just browsed in the internet about a house that is made for wood that could be the answer to my father’s problem. And true enough, as soon as I saw the sample picture, I was awed at how the makers and designers of the firewood rack were able to conceptualize the idea.

The rack is perfect for my father’s need. It can store and endure as much wood because the material is made of metal. Further, it seems that it will not cover much space because of its sleek design. Additionally, there is a good cover that will help keep the wood from being wet.

I am now planning to contact the supplier and ask how about the price, and the shipping terms. This could very well be a very good early Christmas gift for my father. Thanks to my co-employee who let me know about this house made for wood.

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