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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Office Guide To Impressing Auditors

Our group of company's internal audit season began last September 5. The inter-company offices in Vietnam and Singapore both recieved satisfactory marks from our head office-based auditors, so the pressure is really on us this first week of October as we are the next office to be reviewed. We are, of course, aiming to get a very satisfactory rating, so our team have all been working hard these past two weeks in reviewing and polishing every documents and controls.

As the audit will focus more on the financial records of the company, we have met and discussed any possible ways and means wherein we can make a good impression on our auditors for a start.

We have set-up a dedicated convenient office space for the auditors complete with office supplies needed during the audit. Further, we have inquired them if there are any particular documents that they want prepared already when they come and visit us. This works for both us (the auditee) and the auditors because it saves a lot of time, rather than when we only prepare what they need when they come and ask us.

After receiving the long list of documents needed, we have asked a staff to go browse the internet and look for a supplier of cheap binders. We do not have luxury of much time, so we have required a supplier who can deliver the supplies the earliest time possible at a reasonable price. Binders proved to be very useful in compiling volimunous documents, rather than using regular folders and envelopes. Much more, use of binders are more presentable for the review.

Another good product that we found useful are binder sleeves because binder sleeves provide more printing space rather than when we use the common-type binders. To enhance our documentation, we also put in tabs so we can label and segrate files neatly.

Now we are ready for the coming audit. We know we deserve to recieve the "very satisfactory" remark because we are one team doing the jobs effectively, efficiently, and correctly.


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