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Friday, September 25, 2009

Silicone Bracelets: More Than A Fashion Statement

Perhaps the use of Silicone Bracelets became most popular when various NBA superstars have started wearing them during their games. Immediately, other players from different leagues, both in the US and in other foreign countries, also wore, and even personalized their own bracelets, or more popularly known as Baller IDs.

After a while, people from all walks of life can be seen wearing silicone bracelets. Thus, from just a mere sports accessory, these bracelets have become a fashion statement to many people, especially the younger generations. And apart from other fads, the use of Silicone Bracelets did not cease immediately, but rather, various companies and organizations have decided to put them for other uses.

As a fine example, when our church conducted its yearly Summer Family Camp, the organizers of the event endorsed each camper with one silicone bracelet which serves as each one's ID.

Even big companies found use of silicone bracelets as a form of giveaway and promotional item during various corporate events. This prove to be a very good advertising material because people tend to see company names and logos printed on the bracelets.

I also witnessed a candidate for a national election in the Philippines who distributed silicone bracelets during his campaigns.

What made Silicone Bracelets click in the market?

First, because they are hip and trendy, so people can create fashion out of them. People can mix and match with the various colors available.

Second, silicone bracelets are a good advertising medium. Companies can put their corporate statements. Sports advertisers can include sports players' numbers. Civic organizations use them to advertise their battlecry.

Third, silicone bracelets are not that expensive.

No wonder why people love them. No wonder why silicone bracelets has become more than a fashion statement.


  1. yay, meron akong silicon bracelets na iyan haha
    hiningi ko lang pala.. ;)

  2. dagdag nga pala kita sa listahan ko.. ;)


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