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Monday, February 2, 2009

Hit: My NBI Experience

'Nag-hit ka!'


'Yung pangalan mo, may hit. Ibig sabihin, may kapangalan ka.'

Such was what transcribed when I went to the Quezon City Hall to apply for an NBI Clearance.

I am in desperate and urgent need for an NBI clearance due to my pending application for passport so I proceeded to the QC Hall to apply for one. As expected, I have encountered long lines on the following procedures:

• getting an application form
• having my fingerprints printed on the application form (where you are REQUIRED to pay Php 5.00 for the wet tissue-panglinis daw ng kamay after the fingerprint)
• picture-taking
• data verification

It was almost 5:00pm and I was still on the Data Verification line. As was in the DFA, there are also "fixers" who are coming to you to propose a "fast" way to get your clearance. 'Wala nang pila, 450 Php lang.'

But since the NBI has said that Clearances will be released on the day you applied for, people are patiently going thru the long line process. By 'on the day' means that you do not have HIT on your name.

I would never understand and care more for that HIT word when after going thru that long line process, the woman assisting on the Data Verification window informed me that 'Nag-HIT ka!'

The woman said that I have a namesake that's why they will not release the clearance within the day. Instead, she told me to return 10 days after and that's when they will release my clearance. (I would later on find out from the NBI website that those with 'HIT' remarks can claim their clerance 48 hours after- 2 days after, that is.)

Going home (and even today), I am contemplating on how in the world will I ever have a namesake considering that I have two names, the second of which, is spelled 'uniquely', the common of which normally uses C but my name uses K. And besides, if ever I have my namesake, can they not easily check the Middle Name?

The second thing is, if ever I have my namesake, why spend 10 days to verify if you do not have any criminal records? Does it matter to NBI when we have our namesake? Does having a namesake suggest that we might have committed any crime at all?

I'll give my fair sentiment- While I do respect that the NBI is keen to trying to issue NBI clearance, I do believe that there should be a lot of changes in the System. For many, taking those long queue of lines following the procedures is a hassle. Much more when you find out that you can't have your clearance issued within the day just because you have you namesake.

Ten days, for me must be very long enough. In this age when computer networks and internet are widely used by various offices, it is surprising that we can't keep up and provide the people with a fast service.

Ten days after, my NBI clearance is finally released. With no criminal record. But with another extra cost: An additional 5php to pay for another wet tissue because again, I still have to have my fingerprint posted in my clerance.

5 php, to some, may be insignificant. To some, that would mean additional deduction to their budget.

Kaya nga kumukuha nang NBI clearance para makapagtrabaho eh. Eh hindi pa nakakapagtrabaho, gumagastos na ng 'hindi naman talaga kailangan'.


  1. yun pala ang term nila.. "HIT" kasi ganun din ako ng mag renew ako, renew na ngalang... may ganun pa...

    ciguro dahil sa pagpapaayos ko ng birth certificate kaya nag appear doon.. tom susugod ako sa nbi din. para ma sabi ko ng taga pinas ako, dahil wala din akong passport dahil sa birth certificate.

    sabi nila.. gobyerno na ngalang daw gumagamit ng disket.. lols..

  2. problem is, hindi mo nga maintindihan kung bakit kailangang maghintay ng mas matagal na panahon kapag may kapangalan ka.

    that doesn't make any sense.

    (mabuti sana kung pagtatagpuin kayong dalawang magkapangalan at pakakainin kasama ng NBI Director)

  3. akala ko sa NBI sa pampanga lang yung required ka bumili nung wet tissue na tig-5 pesos. sa QC din pala. akala ko raket lang yun doon :D

  4. ganoon din sa nbi main. malamang sa lahat ng nbi clearance sites ay may ganito.

    risonable naman kasi,dahil totoo namang kakailanganin mong maglinis nang kamay. pero masakit ito sa mga taong walang panggastos para pambili ng 'required' tissue.

  5. i just hate this.

    i was at the NBI QC satellite office. Na-HIT din ako. I don't know the reason/s why. I thought wala naman akong nare-receive na complaint or kaso sa akin.

    and to think that my name is quite unique considering na dalawa ang name ko.

    like the poster, 10 days din bago ko babalik sa kanila. kairita, haba na nga ng pila tapos hindi mo din makukuha agad.

  6. i suspect na ang nakakakuha madalas nang HIT ay yung mga applying for NBI to be used for FOREIGN TRAVEL PURPOSES.

    i don't know. but i heard a lot of similar stories.

  7. sa carriedo hindi 'hit' yung term na gamit. sinasabi na lang nila na 'balikan mo nalang sa susunod na araw'. pag walang kapangalan, ang sasabihin nila 'releasing'.

  8. but at least eh sa susunod na araw na pwedeng balikan :D

    ang mahirap ay kapag sa mga satellite na katulad nung sa akin at yung case ni allan, it took us about 10 days to wait.

  9. hi guys! i also went to take my nbi clearance here in zamboanga city. as what you have had experienced, na "HIT" din ako. I was also renewing my nbi clearance and since may "HIT" remark e i was advised to return after one week. Wheewww! And for the 5-peso finger cleaner after the finger printing, meron din yan dito sa zamboanga city. di ba may budget allocation naman sa mga agency ng gobyerno? bakit kailangan pa ng pagkakakitaan? para sa agency kaya yon o sa mga particular na tao lang ng ahensya?

  10. sa Tacloban City meron din wet tissue. Kaso mas mura kasi tig-4 lang, wehahaha ako nahit din, 9 days... waaah! no NBI, no appointment. ahahahahah really eating me up...

  11. Sa megamall may nbi renewal din, 3 pesos yung pamunas


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