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Thursday, February 19, 2009

EDSA 1 2009 Holiday

Malacañang announced February 23, 2009 a holiday for STUDENTS (only) to celebrate EDSA 1.

This was made through Proclamation 1728 signed by Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita.

Just wondering why the Proclamation limits the holiday only to students. When in fact, baka ang mga estudyante ngayon eh hindi pa nabubuhay noong panahon ng EDSA 1 (1986).

Anyway, I just thought that maybe History books should now include to teach students about EDSA 1, EDSA 2, EDSA 3. I'm just not sure if these are already included. But these should be. We do not want the young to neglect Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio, however, they also need to know and learn from Marcos, Ninoy, even Cory, Erap, etc.


  1. ang reason behind ng pagmo-move ng holidays to the nearest friday or monday ay dahil sa holiday economics db? para i-encourage ang mga employees na magbakasyon at ma-boost ang tourism? e bakit may pasok ang mga employees? mukhang hindi parallel sa definition nila ng holiday economics ang declaration nila (ng malacañang) na ito ah?

  2. missminchin: it's because originally, hindi declared na holiday ang edsa 1. hindi sya kasama sa 2009 holidays na nai-declare ng malacañang.

    -supposedly because ayaw din naman ng malacañang na magalit ang mga business sectors because we've got so many holidays in place.

    this is a special proclamation. ang mali lang, bakit hindi isinali ang employment sector.

  3. ahhh.. pero ngayon lang nangyari ang ganito noh? dati-rati wala ring pasok ang mga empleyado pag EDSA1?

  4. depende sa mood ng presidente (kung minsan).

    there was one time (bali-balita), gma decided to make edsa 1 a holiday in order to "please" cory.

    but now, cory is on the other side na kasi. so whether she declares or not, against na sa kanya si cory.


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