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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Unsanitary Way

Epekto na ba ito ng recession?
Or can you state this as an Unsanitary Way of Firing an Employee?

Isang empleyado sa Australia ang tinanggal sa trabaho dahil mas gusto niyang gumamit ng tubig kaysa sa tissue pagkatapos um-ebs.

Ang masaklap, Pinoy ang biktima.

source:>> here
Townsville toilet row – man sacked over bathroom habits
January 24th, 2009

A TOWNSVILLE man has been sacked for `un-Australian' toilet habits.

Amador Bernabe, 43, uses water to clean himself instead of toilet paper.

Mr Bernabe, a machine operator on a working visa from the Philippines, said it was his culture.

But on Thursday he got the shock of his life when his foreman followed him into the toilet questioning his toilet hygiene.

Mr Bernabe said his employer Townsville Engineering Industries (TEI) sacked him yesterday for not going to the toilet the Australian way.

The move has angered union bosses and politicians on the Australia Day weekend.

"I went to go to the toilet and I took a bottle of water when my foreman saw me and he said `you can't bring the water in there'," Mr Bernabe said.

"I asked why and he said it wasn't good but I said it's our way and he followed me into the toilet.

"I said it's my personal hygiene. I didn't break any law, I didn't break any rules of the company, why can't I do this, and he said he would report me to the manager.

"The next morning when I came in I went to punch my time card and he told me the manager wanted to talk to me in his office.

"He asked me what had happened and I explained to him and he said if I didn't follow the Australian way I would be immediately terminated and I said `sir, then you better terminate me'."

Australian Manufacturing Worker's Union state organiser Rick Finch said the incident was shocking.

"I think it is atrocious, an invasion of a person's rights and cultural beliefs," he said.

"The paradox of the toilet and a person's actions is something that no boss can even think about interfering with and the thought that bosses think they have the control to get involved in the toiletry is a gross invasion of an employee's privacy.

Mr Bernabe, a father of four, had been with the company since April 2008 and said he had no problems until yesterday.

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