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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mamang Pulis: A Closer Look


Thus states the Philippine National Police' motto.

As students, we were taught with the notion that the Police are the protectors of the community. They're the ones who go after the bad guys. They're the brave who enforce peace and order.

In recent years, however, my personal orientation about the police started to change, primarily because the media is continually feeding us with significant information about various scandals involving the police.

The whole country was shocked to have watched a video presented by an investigative show about a Pasig cop caught in the act of using prohibited drugs inside the Police Station. A number of cops in Negros were recently suspended because they were drinking liquor while on duty.

Some other cases include the police caught firing their guns during new year celebrations, abuse of their authorities in the streets and in other public places, involvement by a former PNP chief on Jun Lozada's supposed abduction in the airport, the case of the Euro Generals, and just recently, the reported overkill of suspected carnappers along EDSA.

While the Philippine National Police continue to banner their motto that they Serve and Protect the community, these untoward cases seem to create distrust by the people on our police officers.

Sadly, when the people themselves don't trust our police, they wouldn't know where to turn to when they get involved in untoward incidents.

Though we all know that good cops still exist and do their duty well, our PNP should do a bold reform in their ranks. They must seek to let the trust of the people be restored onto them. Only then will they be able to accomplish their vision of working in partnership with a responsive community towards the attainment of a safe place to live, work, invest and do business with.


  1. I believe not all in the police force are corrupt. So sad that those evil ones taint the reputation of other good cops.

  2. yun po ang nakakalungkot. marami rin naman akong naririnig na mabuting ginagawa nang mga pulis. kung sana ay lahat ng pulis ay ganoon.


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