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Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Is Beautiful

I have been celeberating christmas with my family for over thirty years now. Each year, we return back to our hometown in Nueva Ecija, Philippines at least three days before Christmas day.

One will have to understand, of course, that in the Philippines, Christmas season begins on September 1 (start of the ber months-September, October, November & December) and ends on the first Sunday after New Year (where catholics celebrate the Feast of Three Kings).

This is so because the moment the calendar turns to September, shops and boutiques in the malls start to decorate the establishment with Christmas trees and hang Large Christmas Ornaments on the ceilings, while Christmas carols continuously play on radios and CD players.

Even in the respective houses, the people begin to clean up and hang lanterns and christmas lights on the windows. No matter how festive the celebration is, I have to admit, though, that these types of decorations put in houses become so usual that you can't find any more excitement in seeing them.

Today I am thinking that maybe I should ask my mom if we could somehow change the way we decorate our house. I think that maybe we could get the idea from those malls and decorate our house with Large Christmas Ornaments for a change. But instead of putting those on the ceilings, we can try putting big decorations outside in the garden.

I am sure the idea would be a big hit especially when one would want to impress his neighbors and visitors during Christmas. You could just imagine if you have life-size, Large Christmas Decorations just like what is shown below:

Or maybe a big snowman standing near your frontdoor welcoming your visitors:

Kids will definitely love to hang around with dear old santa:

Let the fun and excitement of Christmas be seen in your house decorations. This year, you can show to your visitors and neighbors that Big is Beautiful on Christmas.

But above all, still the most important thing is, may we always remember that Christ is still the reason why we celebrate Christmas. It is on this day that God our Father has given his begotten Son unto the world to save us and give us eternal life.

Happy Christmas everyone!


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  4. Indeed wonderful. The bigger the Better.

  5. Nice post, Its a huge advantage really for being big.


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