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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hark Now Hear The Angels Sing

Long time ago in Bethlehem
So the holy bible say
Mary's boy child Jesus Christ
Was born on Christmas day

Hark now hear the angels sing
A new king born today
And man will live forever more
Because of Christmas day

I had an extra time to shop yesterday in a mall nearby when the famous song "Hark Now Hear The Angels Sing" started to play. Instantly, people beamed with a smile on their faces on the thought of Christmas day, and started singing along.

The store owners also started redecorating their boutiques with christmas decors, lanterns and christmas lights. On one side of the mall, there is a life-size nativity scene on which the shoppers are getting pictures at.

The Department store has also set-up a dedicated space wherein you can purchase christmas trees, christmas balls, christmas lights, lanterns, santa claus figures, and nativity sets. I went looking for the nativity sets because I have long wanted to purchase and give my mother one as a christmas present. This is because when we were children, my mother would always set up a nativity set which is only made up of cardboard or hard paper. That is why I want to surprise her with a beautiful set which is made of plastic or fiberglass. The price, however, is expensive, so I didn't buy. Instead, I thought I'd better go and check for other shops, or I might as well search online in the internet.

There are a couple of online shops that sell nativity sets, but of course, you should go for the one that sells the best products at affordable prices. You can also pick your choice of nativity scene because there are a lot of options to choose from. Sets vary from six, ten, and fourteen pieces. There are life-size pieces, while there are also miniature ones.

I'm considering the life-size pieces because the set would be perfect for the outdoors, and will definitely go well on a garden setting.


Here's wishing a merry christmas to all of us!

Trumpets sound and angels sing!
Listen to what they say
And man will life forever more
Because of Christmas day!

1 comment:

  1. Wow. Malapit na nga pala talaga ang Christmas! Merry Christmas, dude!


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