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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Impress Them!

Today I am blogging once again about the best kitchen equipments that any housewife (or house husbands who love cooking) will want to have.

I will now discuss about Fire Magic Grills, probably one of the best, if not the best name in grill equipment, not to mention that they have been in the industry since 1937, so you can be sure that the brand has actually become one of the most credible in the market.

But before I go on further, I want to first co-relate my article with what is about to take place in our family next weekend. My brother has just been married to his long-time girlfriend of 8 years, and it will be the bride's parents' first-time to visit our house (since the parents are residing in another city far south). So we are discussing about our plans for the weekend, but of course, we will be having our weekend dinner in the garden with some grilled chops, barbecues, and some vegetable salad.

We want to make a good first impression on them and we are contemplating on purchasing a new grill that would look good on our outdoor setting since our old grill is actually malfunctioning. My brother tried to browse the internet last night to look for various options but my mother really loved this model of the Fire Magic Grill (see picture).

This is a freestanding legacy fire magic grill. My mom loves the stainless steel material design because it looks very clean and organized, easy enough to make a really nice first impression on any visitor who will get to see it.

Another good thing i like about the design is that it gives an impression of being smart. Maybe it is because the design looks new and innovative, thus users and/or owners will also look smart.

We've heard that our visitors on next weekend also love barbecues, so naturally, they know a good grill when they see one. So we hope that we can purchase a Fire Magic Grill immediately to really get that good first impression.

I hope we do.

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