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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cry Baby

Tiring but Fun.

That was how I felt last Sunday when we brought our baby to the mall for her first photo shoot. We brought her to Pic-a-boo, a photo studio that specializes in taking child photos.

I am not sure how many branches they have here in the Philippines, but they have one at The Block, SM North EDSA, and one at The Atrium, SM Megamall.

We went at about 3 in the afternoon but were told to return by 5:30 pm because they have a lot of customers (so if you are planning on taking your child for a photo session, be sure to come earlier).

It was a tiring experience because we were on the streets as early as 10 am, coming to church first, then we had lunch at a nearby food and bakeshop, before finally proceeding to the mall.

The real fun came when we finally proceeded to the photo studio because our baby started to cry when we put on the costumes. So you could just imagine how the photographer tried her best to capture the best pictures out of our baby.

Anyway, she finally succeeded taking beautiful shots even if our baby kept crying.

But you can't blame babies from crying, anyway. They just cry because they want (and need) to cry. You can't force them to smile when they don't want to. All you get is the real expression of what they feel at that particular moment.

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