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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Old House

My Dad is a retired teacher. Bust aside from teaching and farming, he also loves doing carpentry and house improvement works. This is why it is no wonder that he always want to watch the show "This Old House"; a television hit that teaches step-by-step procedures related to carpentry, home renovation, among others.

One particular episode that proved to be very useful for our own "Old House" was when they featured about Gutter Protection. The idea of protecting gutters is actually new to us because for all we know, it is the gutter that protects our house from unwanted water leaks.

But as we watched and listened at the program, it became clear to us about the importance and significance of installing gutter protection, because by protecting the gutter, you eliminate the chance of getting leaves, twigs and dirts to be stuck on your gutters. In turn, rain waters can easily flow out. And since the waters do not stand still in the gutters, you also prevent mosquitoes from breeding in it.

The picture below is a fine example of what I am discussing about.

This type of gutter protection is called the Black Magic Filter. It actually looks neat in the gutters because of its color and design; and as you can see, the house gutter is well covered and protected from any foreign objects such as leaves, twigs, etc.

There are other types of gutter protection, like the GutterPiller Gutter Brush which has durable wire bristles that effectively clears out leaves and dirts from the gutter.

Of course, you can save a little bucks and choose not to install gutter protection but this will cost you much time in coming up the roofs and checking on your gutters regularly. You also get worried whenever rain comes, thinking that leaves and dirt will block the flow of water out.

Or, you decide to spend money, have your gutter protected, and let your worries out.

I choose the latter.

After all, we all love to keep our Old House nice and beautiful.

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