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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Night To Remember

We have approached the month of October again, and our church is devoting the whole month for our yearly evaluation (of the past year) and planning (for the coming year). Part of the main event that we are organizing in 2010 would be the three-days Kids Camp for our Sunday school students in our Children's Church.

We are targetting a beach resort in Subic, Pampanga, and because the place would be very near the sea, we give good review on the security, since we are expecting about thirty to fifty children whose ages range from 4 to 12.

Mornings will be devoted to divided sessions and teachings, while in the afternoon, we are planning for group competitions (cheering, banner-making and other games). For the evening, we are planning to conduct a 1-hour worship service. We are giving much thought on what we are going to do right after the worship service because we know that the children wouldn't want to go to bed and rest. We are contemplating on doing an outdoor activity in the grounds, and thought that placing an outdoor fire pit would be very lovely. The cozy fire coming from the fire pit will surely attract the children and make them want to gather together.

The idea of using outdoor fire pits was introduced to me last March 2009 when our office conducted a night-out seminar in one of the finest resorts in Puerto Galera. The event organizers prepared a fun team-building activity after dinner in the grounds, with each group finally commencing and evaluating the activity as we are gathered in the fire pit.

This is why I thought of suggesting into our Kids Camp directress that we must have an outdoor fire pit when we have the Kids Camp next year. There are outdoor fire pits available for sale in the internet, such as what is shown in the picture below:

This type of outdoor fire pit is very much ideal, especially to our Sunday school students because they actually contain lovely designs that can attract children.

Other than having them come and gather around the fire, we are also planning to set-up a place to cook barbeques and hotdogs on sticks-an activity that is ALWAYS a hit to children, and even to us, teachers. Surely, we look forward to an exciting Night to remember for our Kids Camp next year.

1 comment:

  1. its true,there's a lot thing to gather, bbq and mallows also can start a topic and conversation with friends.


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