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Monday, October 26, 2009

Change Address

I felt a little sad over the weekend when I found out from one of my relatives in my hometown that our address is being changed courtesy of an ordinance recently passed by our local village leaders. Needless to say, the local government has collected a fee for the purchase of address plaques that will be distributed to each house bearing the new address numbers.

Now I just don't think it is a good idea that they still collect a fee because it is on my understanding that they already collect taxes out of people's income and businesses. What's more, I am just sad because our address which has been our address since I was born has been changed. It is just that I felt that a part of my childhood has been taken away from me.

Anyway, the new address plaque was delivered to us last Monday containing, of course, our new house number which is now #202. The plaque is made of tin can and painted white. So you could just imagine that what they delivered is only a basic type of plaque.

My mom doesn't like the idea of placing that plaque in our house post for fear that the tin can-made address plaque will easily accumulate rust. Further, the basic address plaque looks awkward when placed in our house post.

We made contact with the village chief to ask if it is alright that we just purchase our own customized address plaque (bearing our new house number), and he said that it is fine with them. We just have to make sure that the address number is the same. We have decided that we shall put the new address plaque in our lawn garden so that visitors and postmen can easily locate our house. With this, we also need to ensure that we buy one that is rust-proof and does not easily depreciate due to changing weather conditions.

I hope we find the best plaque, and hopefully I will begin to love our new house number. After all, no matter what our address is, I still have my family to share our new memories together in our new address.

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