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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gong: A Wonderful Gift

Christmas holidays is almost at hand!

Christmas this year will be a little different in our home because one Family will be spending their holidays with us. They are distant relatives from down south, and my father has invited them to come and join us during Christmas.

It is customary for us to be giving gifts to visitors, so we have been thinking of what we could present to them. They are a family of musicians, so we were contemplating on giving them with a gift that is somehow related to what they do, and what they like.

My brother suggests that we give them a musical instrument that is not ordinary, so we came up with giving them Gongs.

Gongs are musical instruments which are found and are still being used in South East Asian countries. These are instruments that take the form of flat metal discs and are being played by hitting them with mallets.

We first witnessed how gongs are played when we went to one of the provinces of Mindanao in the Philippines last year. Their cultural dances and music are always accompanied with the playing of Gongs. And really, the musicians played the instruments well, accompanied by the distinct tribal dances by the natives.

There are, of course, various types of gongs. One particular variant that I like is the Meditation Gong. True to its name, a Meditation Gong is a perfect instrument in creating a harmonious sound that blends well with the sound of nature. I can truly say that the sounds bring peace and relaxation in your thoughts.

The illustration above is an example of a Woodstock Desk Gong. The metal disc is suspended on air from a black wood stand. This, to me, can fit well as an additional accent inside our homes, or even outside in the gardens. This is a perfect gift to people who love collecting items from different cultures.

I believe the Gong would be a wonderful gift for our visitors come Christmas. Truth be told, I might also buy one for myself.

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