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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lock Your Valuables

My brother is furious.

His son came home yesterday from school telling him that he lost his mobile phone for the second time. They left their bags in the Locker and proceeded for their afternoon basketball practice in the gymnasium.

However, when they returned after three hours of practice, they saw that two Gym Lockers were forcibly opened. The school security still has no clue over the incident which caused to a loss of about five mobile phones and other valuables.

It is actually the second time since my nephew lost his mobile phone. The first incident also happened at school in the canteen. Because of this, my brother is now coordinating with the school administration so that better securities may be enforced to avoid theft among students' valuables.

My brother suggested that they purchase new School Lockers and totally replace the old ones since some of the security locks are malfunctioning, causing robbers to easily destroy and open the lockers.

We do hope that the school administrators will look into it with much concern. After all, this will not only help secure the students' valuables, but the teachers and faculty staffs too.

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